Our Story

Our founder Amelia has always wanted to create a luxury lifestyle brand that was also aware of its environmental impact. Having a background in the silk industry meant she was drawn to the richness and desirability silk offers. Products made from high-quality silk look and feel amazing, but they are also produced to last. We don't believe in fast fashion. Our customers invest in our pieces because they know they will last for years. 

Why Lexi & Teal? 

We get asked about our name a lot. Its origin is deeply connected to Amelia's Indo-Mauritian and Scottish heritage. Lychees are grown in Mauritius and are known in French as litchi. A mispronunciation in Amelia's home one day changed litchi to Lexi, and the word just stuck. It reminds her of home, of Mauritius and most importantly, Lexi is a symbol of change. It's a reminder of how things can evolve and grow. 

Teal is a strong, powerful colour. It's vibrant and vivid, much like us here at Lexi & Teal. The colour also links to the greenness of the United Kingdom. Think green fields, lush fauna and beautiful scenery. There's something comforting about being close to nature. It's also again linked with growth and sustainability. 

So that's why we're Lexi & Teal. A family mispronunciation, growth, evolution and sustainability. 

Our Silk 

We choose to use only the best silk at Lexi & Teal. All our pieces are made from Grade 6A Mulberry Silk. Grade 6A is the highest quality silk available. Mulberry silk is produced by silkworms fed on mulberry leaves. The silk they spin is incredibly soft and durable. We also choose a heavier 22 – 25 momme silk because it's made to last. You can sleep on a Grade 6A 25 momme Mulberry silk pillow for years and not see a decline in its quality. 

Our Sustainability 

We're a small company with big ideas, and we make all our decisions with sustainability in mind. We order small quantities from our suppliers, meaning reduced wastage. We limit the plastic we use, and our delivery bags are bio-degradable. The gift boxes themselves are well-made and can be reused. To minimise our carbon footprint, we use ships rather than planes to have our goods delivered. Plus, our products are designed to last for years. We only expect repeat custom when you start buying Lexi & Teal for all your friends and family! 

Our aim is to keep doing better as we continue to grow. 

Pre-orders will soon be available, meaning we can aim for almost zero wastage. And we plan to do more. We'd love to be plastic-free one day and are currently investigating alternatives. 

We only have one Earth, and it deserves our respect. Lexi and Teal are fully committed to being a truly sustainable company. 


A message from our founder, Amelia 

Inspiration comes in many forms.  

This is a sentence I have spent years saying to myself. And it's true. I do find inspiration in places I wouldn't have expected to. 

My inspiration for Lexi & Teal, which I founded in 2020, was not only my heritage - I am Mauritian Indian and Scottish - but also the conflict between luxury and its inevitable environmental impact.  

With this in mind, I've used natural fabrics to create luxurious products that will be used by you for years to come. 

Join us on our journey.