Who else wants a good night's sleep?

All you need to know about wearing a silk eye mask.  

Getting good quality sleep is so important for your physical and mental wellbeing. Without it, you can find yourself grumpy, irritable, and unable to focus on the day's tasks. 

If you're struggling with sleep, wearing an eye mask to bed may just be what you need. Not only will you find yourself enjoying better quality sleep, but you'll also be amazed at the beauty benefits. 

What are the benefits of sleeping in a mask? 

Eye masks help you sleep deeper. By blocking out the light, your body can produce more melatonin – the sleep hormone. You'll find yourself sleeping soundly for longer, meaning you'll wake up feeling alert and ready to face the day. 

You'll also face the day looking more alert. Silk can help moisturise your skin. Your dark circles will fade, you'll have less puffiness around the eyes, and signs of ageing will be reduced. 

Wearing an eye mask reduces wrinkles. Silk eye masks minimise friction between your skin and the fabric you're sleeping on. This means the skin is less likely to pull and tug on your pillow because the eye mask acts as a barrier. Less friction means fewer wrinkles. That's when you know you're getting real beauty sleep. 

Finally, eye masks are the perfect piece of silk to travel with. You don't need to carry a silk pillowcase with you, and you can still enjoy a good night's sleep no matter where you are. 

Can I sleep with an eye mask every night? 

Absolutely. To get the most benefits from silk, we recommend using silk products daily. This is usually no problem whilst you're at home, and we find that many customers prefer using a silk mask whilst travelling. Remember, our masks come in handy little bags that protect them from day-to-day nasties, keeping them clean and making them the perfect travel buddy.  

Are they comfortable to wear? 

Our eye masks are so comfy. You really won't notice wearing one because you'll be too busy falling asleep. 

Whilst designing the masks, we made sure that the eye area was covered as much as possible. This means your eyes are exposed to very little light, making it easier to get your full 8 hours of sleep. The strap has been designed to make the mask as secure as possible without being uncomfortable. You can slip them on and off easily, but they'll stay on your face when you're asleep.  

Plus, our eye masks don't need to be folded when placed into their travel bag. The mask retains its original shape, and it will always feel snug and comfy whenever you get into bed. 

How do I keep my mask clean? 

It's so easy to wash your mask. Take a look at our blog or our care instructions to see how simple it is. 

Is it worth the cost? 

Think about how much you spend on night creams, pillow sprays, bedroom fans and anything else that you use to help you get a good night's sleep. A Lexi and Teal eye mask that will help you sleep soundly for longer and be reused for years to come is definitely worth it.  

All of our products are made from 22 and 25 momme silk, making them durable and so so smooth. But you're not just investing in the physical product. You're also investing in the benefits of using silk.  

For a great night's sleep, choose one of our gorgeous silk eye masks. Head over to our shop to find your favourite.