What is Silk Momme?

What is Momme Silk?  

When you’re shopping for silk goods, including eye masks and pillowcases, you should always check the momme count.  


But what is Momme, and why is it so Important? 

I know that customers are sometimes confused by the word Momme. I’m often asked what it means.  

Momme was first used in Japan, and it is simply a unit used to measure the weight of silk. One silk momme is 4.034 grams per square meter. 

When explaining about momme, I like to use thread count as a comparison. Most people understand thread count to a certain degree. Well, momme is similar to thread count, only the silk version. Both units describe the properties and durability of a fabric. The higher the thread count, the better quality the material. 

It’s the same with momme. 

The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the silk weave will be. Silk factories can adjust the density and yarn count of the fabric, which controls the weight. A 25 momme pillowcase silk threads will be woven together closer than an 8 momme silk scarf. Thicker yarn is also used in higher momme silk products. 


What kind of momme should you be choosing when buying a silk product?  

This depends on what kind of product you want, but anything ranging between 19 - 25 momme is ideal for bedding and beauty. Knowing the momme will help you choose the right fabric for your style, preference and budget. 

Just as cotton sheets with a higher thread count are of high quality, bedsheets and pillowcases with a higher momme will be softer, heavier and more durable. They will also be more expensive, but you should see a silk purchase as an investment. If you buy the correct silk, it will last for years. 


Lexi & Teal’s Silk 

Most silk products are available in 19 momme. Still, at Lexi and Teal, we prefer a heavier weight, so all our products are offered in 22 and 25 momme. At this weight, products have a more durable weave and can be washed repeatedly.  

It also looks and feels amazing! 

From an aesthetic point of view, the heavier silk also looks better. This is particularly true of our pillowcases, where the silk keeps its structure and doesn’t move around.  

We use Grade 6A Mulberry silk which is the highest quality silk you can buy. Combine that with the higher momme, and you are buying silk that’s strong, shiny and made to last. 


Should I Choose 22 or 25 momme? 

I get asked this a lot, and the honest answer is, it’s up to you. 25 momme is heavier and, therefore, slightly more durable. If you love the luxurious feel of silk against your skin, pick the 25 momme. 

The 22 momme is also an ideal weight for a pillowcase. You aren’t losing quality or durability. The slight difference is the price purely because a little less thread is used. 

We wouldn’t recommend going any lower than 22 momme for a pillowcase. You want the case to stay in place. If the momme is lower, the silk can move, creating more friction against the face. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend choosing a momme heavier than 25. Any heavier and the silk can start to feel stiff, making it more uncomfortable to sleep on. 


Why Sleep on Silk? 

Why not? We spend a lot of our lifetime asleep, so adding some luxury to bedtime isn’t a bad thing.  

Using a Lexi & Teal pillowcase will help regulate body temperature, keep your skin and hair moisturised, prevent tangled bed hair and reduce wrinkles. Honestly, it’s magic! 

To experience the magic of silk, come and try one of our pillowcases. They come in a range of colours, but the quality doesn’t change. Trust us. Once you’ve slept on silk, there’s no going back. 


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