Introducing our new bespoke monogramming service

It’s been all go here at Lexi and Teal HQ over the last few months. Earlier in the year, we were asked if we provided personalised silk pillowcases, and it sparked our imaginations. What could we offer that allowed our customers to buy beautiful, personalised silk gifts?


Luckily, it didn’t take us long to find a solution. We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering a free monogramming service. Now you can buy silk pillowcases with that added special touch.


What is monogramming?

Monogramming is the process of embroidering initials or a name onto fabric. For Lexi and Teal customers, this means our silk pillowcases can now come personalised with a stunning motif of 2 or more letters embroidered on them, making them unique.


Why choose monogramming? 

You only need a quick 5-minute scroll on Instagram to see that personalisation is HUGE! Bags, jewellery, and clothes can all be personalised, and now you can also sleep with your own luxury silk pillowcases beautifully embroidered with a monogram.


Silk is luxurious to sleep with. Personalised silk that’s been crafted especially for you adds even more opulence. In Victorian times, monogramming indicated wealth and status and was linked to royalty. We can honestly say all our silk pillowcases are definitely fit for a queen (or king!).


Not only are these luscious pillowcases beautifully made and perfect for a good night’s sleep, but they are also sustainable. We don’t do fast fashion at Lexi and Teal, and making something personalised means you’ll keep your silk pillowcase to use again and again. There’s something that connects us emotionally to items that have our name on them. Our personalised pillowcases are treasured and will be slept on for many years to come.


How does it work?

Getting yourself or a loved one a personalised monogrammed silk pillowcase is easy.

Simply place your order as normal. Then, via the contact form on our website, send us your order number and the initials you would like embroidered.


We will then send you a variety of fonts and sizes to choose from.


Once you’ve confirmed the design, processing the order takes about a week. We’ll keep you informed of our progress, and once the beautiful stitching is complete, we’ll send you your completed order.



How much is it to monogram a pillowcase? 

It’s free!


That’s right, there’s no charge for this service. Just choose the pillowcase colour and momme, and then we’ll do the rest.


Need some inspiration? 

Whether you have a wedding present to buy or want to get that special someone a beautiful, personalised gift, our silk pillowcases are perfect.


Take a look at some of the designs you can choose from.




If you want to find out more about our bespoke services, send us a message via our contact form