Give the gift of silk this Christmas

How many times have you said you can't believe it's December already? I think we're up to 349 and still counting. 2021 has gone by in a flash, and we're suddenly finding ourselves in a mad panic present buying. Usually, the Lexi and Teal office is full of frantic Googling and panicked pacing. 

Are you the same? 

If you are, panic no longer. Silk is the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, mum, daughter, best friend, teacher, gran. The list is endless. 

In fact, you could probably cover a lot of your Christmas shopping list in the Lexi and Teal shop. 

Why give silk? 

We know, we know what you're thinking, we're a silk company. Of course, we're going to recommend silk. 

But like we've said before, we are firm believers in the benefits of silk and use it ourselves every night. 

People want a good night's sleep 

Silk eye masks block out the light, meaning you fall into a deeper sleep and stay asleep for longer. Honestly, you're not just buying someone a silk eye mask, you're buying them proper rest, and that's priceless.  

People want to feel younger 

You could buy your mum a whole load of creams and potions to help her skin feel better. What does she do when they run out? 

Sleeping on silk actually helps reduce wrinkles by providing a smooth surface to lay your head on. There's very little friction when you sleep on a silk pillowcase, so your skin isn't pulled and pushed around.  This means fewer wrinkles. How many people would love the gift of youth? Buy them a silk pillowcase. It'll never run out. 

People want a more leisurely morning 

Who can get up in the morning looking glamourous? Okay, so silk isn't a miracle worker, but it does take care of your hair and skin, meaning you'll have more time in the morning.  

Silk hydrates skin and hair, meaning less bedhead, less dark circles and a more alert, bright face. So expect less hair washing and drying, less makeup and more time. And we would all love an extra half an hour in the day. 

People want to help the planet 

We know many of you care passionately about what we're doing to the world and understand climate crisis is real. Mass consumerism is part of the problem. So many presents are wasted or need replacing and this is adding to the problem. 

Silk is durable, and it lasts for a long time. When you buy someone a silk gift, you are buying something that will last for years. It doesn't feel wasteful, and the recipient will find it a truly thoughtful gift. 

People want to feel special 

All gifts at Christmas are special. But, buying someone a present they wouldn't buy themselves is the ultimate treat. How often have you browsed a shop and hovered over something wanting that item but talking yourself out of it? 

It's too extravagant. You can't possibly treat yourself. You'll wait until you deserve it. And then you never actually go back and buy it. 

Silk is that luxurious gift that people want but don't often buy for themselves. It's such a shame that people feel guilty about spending money on themselves. It's all part of self-care. So why not promote self-care and buy a loved one a little bit of luxury? 

Lexi and Teal Silk Gifts 

All our pillowcases and silk eye masks are made from 22 or 25 momme Mulberry silk. They come in beautiful gift boxes and are the perfect present. 

Go and see for yourself. Our online shop is here