Amelia’s Autumn Update

It’s finally autumn, maybe my favourite season. As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, I like to wind down and take the opportunity to spend more time on self-care.


We all have different ideas about what self-care means. But I think we can agree that including some self-care into our daily routine is vital.


Self-care doesn’t have to include elaborate gestures (although a regular spa day would be nice). It’s about taking the time to look after your physical and mental well-being to avoid burnout. I find that the simple self-care methods are the most effective, and I wanted to share some of the ways I recharge my battery on a daily basis.




I’m a huge believer in sleep. I love sleep! In fact, sleep is one of my favourite hobbies!


I could write a whole essay on the benefits of sleep, but I won’t. You can find that information somewhere else on the internet, written by someone with much more knowledge about the subject.


I will say that when I make sure I have 7 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling ready to face the day. I take better care of myself and make better choices (no third piece of cake for me). And when I sleep well, I work more efficiently and quickly, meaning there’s more time to chill out in the evening. Just thinking about getting into a cosy bed is making me all sleepy. I might fit in a cheeky nap later!



Do I exercise? Yes. Do I exercise consistently? No.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m honestly not being smug about a super energetic fitness regime. I try and fail every year to create a sustainable and consistent exercise routine. And when I fail, I beat myself up, which is definitely not self-care.


I know exercise is amazing for your mental health, so I’ve found that while I’m not always able to visit the gym, I can go for a walk. Fitting in a daily walk means I’m exercising, and I’m also switching off. Walking for about an hour is ideal for me. Usually, by the 40-minute mark, I’ve completely stopped thinking about the many things I’m worried about and can just enjoy walking.




Treats can come in many forms. Personally, I love a good. Give me an overworked small-town girl returning reluctantly to said small town and meeting the love of her life. Perfection! I love a bit of escapism, and I find heart-warming films ideal for me. You, of course, should not limit yourself to Hallmark films. Maybe you like yodelling, watching a horror film or knitting. Whatever you enjoy, remember to make time for yourself.



Night-time routine 

Don’t you find having a routine comforting? Knowing that as you tick off your regular activities, you’re one step closer to sleep. Have I told you that I really love sleep?


Bedtime routines make the evenings familiar and less stressful. They indicate to your brain that it is almost time to sleep. My routine includes wiping away the make-up and dirt of the day and using my favourite serums and moisturisers. It’s then a hot drink in front of the TV with my phone switched off. Then it’s getting into bed with a good book and waiting for those eyelids to get heavy. That bit doesn’t take long!



My final must-have for self-care is having something luxurious to use every day. I know for some people, that’s a dab of expensive perfume. Others will spend their pennies on top-end cosmetics. Maybe it is that designer bag you like to carry to work. Obviously, it has to be silk for me. There is nothing better than siding under the sheets, resting my head on a sleek silk pillowcase, and pulling a silk eyemask over my eyes.


Five years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamt of investing in silk sleep products. I’m such a convert these days that I run a business selling them. That’s how much I believe in the power of silk.


How do you do self-care?

Do you make time for your own self-care? I really hope you do. But, if you’ve got out of the habit, why not start adding small things to your day to make you smile. Why not come and say hello on Tik Tok or Instagram. I’d love to know how you treat yourself.