• Give the gift of silk this Christmas

    People want to feel special 

    All gifts at Christmas are special. But, buying someone a present they wouldn't buy themselves is the ultimate treat. How often have you browsed a shop and hovered over something wanting that item but talking yourself out of it? 

    It's too extravagant. You can't possibly treat yourself. You'll wait until you deserve it. And then you never actually go back and buy it. 

    Silk is that luxurious gift that people want but don't often buy for themselves. It's such a shame that people feel guilty about spending money on themselves. It's all part of self-care. So why not promote self-care and buy a loved one a little bit of luxury? 

  • Happy Birthday to us!

    Happy Birthday to us!

    Can you believe it?

    Lexi and Teal is 1 today.

    It amazes me that we're now a year down the line. Where has the time gone?

  • Who else wants a good night's sleep?

    All of our products are made from 22 and 25 momme silk, making them durable and so so smooth. But you're not just investing in the physical product. You're also investing in the benefits of using silk.  

    For a great night's sleep, choose one of our gorgeous silk eye masks. Head over to our shop to find your favourite. 

  • How do you Wash Silk Pillowcases?   

    How do you Wash Silk Pillowcases?  

    We get asked a lot about washing our silk pillowcases. People think they need a complicated washing regime or have to fork out on expensive dry cleaning, and that just isn't the case. 

  • How a good hair day helped me start a business

    I get asked a lot about why I chose to start a business selling silk items. I guess it's not the first thing that comes into people's minds when they decide to go it alone. 
  • What is Silk Momme?

    What is Momme Silk?  

    When you’re shopping for silk goods, including eye masks and pillowcases, you should always check the momme count.